Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the IT job at right time can be time consuming and Costly. Let Our recruiter’s can help you in job hunting

What training courses does Solutions Sync offers?

Solutions Sync Inc. provides training by engaging the training services of different institutes for you to be an IT professional in the business analyst, project management, quality analyst and many more.

Which institutes does Solutions Sync work?

We have collaborated with various training partners like Udemy, Coursera, Sync IT Learning & Tekarch from where Solutions Sync offers complimentary trainings to its candidates. Out of these, Udemy and Coursera trainings are pre-recorded, whereas Sync IT Learning trainings provide options to join in-person or online and pre-recorded video class training are also provided to signed up candidates. Tekarch training is available online only.

What type of medical insurance and benefits Solutions Sync offer?

We don’t offer medical insurance. We provide a 401k plan. Please send an email to hrteam@solutionssync.com for information or details for the 401k plan.

How long does it take to find a job?

This is a tough question to answer. What we can tell you is that we will get you a lot of interview calls. If you are as motivated to find a job as we are to get you a job, we can find you a job in as little as 4 weeks after training and at most in 16 weeks after training.

Can you give me references of some of your past & present candidates?

Yes, absolutely. Please reach out to your recruiter (initial point of contact) who will connect you with our past and present consultants to provide references.

When does the training starts?

Your training starts on the day you sign the contract with Solutions Sync. As soon as you sign the contract with Solutions Sync, we open the gates towards wisdom and knowledge. We organize live classes, mock interview sessions, and trainings etc. You will also be given access to various online courses, pre-recorded sessions, quizzes etc, once you’ve signed the contract with Solutions Sync. So, you can join during anytime of the month.

Who is the end-cline and mid-client/vendor?

The end client is the one who has sent in the requirement to be fulfilled for a position (BA, QA, PM, DA, PO etc.). The end client approaches the mid client, their preferred vendor to fulfill that requirement, that is find a resource, a BA, or a PM or a QA for that position that they have. The mid client or the preferred vendor reaches out to Solutions Sync for resources to fulfill that requirement and Solutions Sync obliges.

Is there a fee for the course/training?

There is no fee for the course/training. We charge no fees from our candidates.

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    Benefits & What We Do?

    Finding the IT job at right time can be time consuming and Costly. Let Our recruiter’s can help you in job hunting

    We plan everything you can think of!

    Experts at effectively navigating the job-hunting landscape and finding you the best fit.

    What makes Solutions Sync special!

    One: one mentoring and coaching from work professionals placed in your aspired role.

    We guarantee Career success.

    Customized Professional Development Programs available for all audiences (Beginners to experienced)

    Let us help you to plan your IT Career.

    We are creative and We ensure you stay ahead in your career delivering recruiting services with creative solutions

    Does Solutions Sync possible to work in a tight timeframe.

    Finding the IT job at right time can be time consuming and costly. Let our recruiters can help you in job hunting.